Pub and Grille

The Bunker Sports Pub & Grille, was opened at Copper Creek Golf Course at the start of the 2016 season to rave reviews.

The Bunker offers:

  • A vintage-golf feel
  • Unique bar food
  • Comfortable friendly atmosphere
  • Large TVs for sporting events
  • Large outdoor patio overlooking the golf course
  • Daily drinks and food features, and
  • A wide assortment of 19th hole beverages!


“When Amy and I moved to Copper Creek last year, we really didn’t know what to expect. We moved here from an acreage 45 minutes south of Pleasant Hill where our neighbors were miles away but they were also family that would do anything for you. On top of that, we don’t even know how to golf, but the views were amazing so we took the chance.

Every day we drove by The Bunker and assumed it was a “just for members golf club” but decided one day to stop in and find out. Much to our surprise, not only was it open to the public, but open to friends!

We go in now on a Friday night, and we spend the first 10 minutes hugging friends and catching up on their lives before we ever get a chance to sit down to eat.

The menu is full of amazing food, the drinks are cold and fair, the staff and GM are all personal friends and most importantly, The Bunker is full of amazing people that are waiting to meet you!

Whether you’re new to the area or one of the first in Copper Creek, if you haven’t made your way to The Bunker, I ask that you please do yourself a favor and go, we’ll see you there!”

Trent & Amy